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Prefab Home Kits Alberta, Saskatchewan

As a leading supplier of prefab home kits in Alberta, Saskatchewan, we provide prefab premium wood building kits to customers, who can either choose to build it themselves or have one of our crews do the construction for them. We offer our clients a broad selection of buildings to meet our customers’ desires or a customized design that is consistency in quality. Whether it is a small shed, a larger guest house or main cabin, our crew has experience in all aspects of our methods, such as timber building, which makes our process efficient.

A gazebo, garden shed, or garage can add an elegant touch to your home, and also provide a practical solution to your storage needs as well as a cozy place to relax and unwind. A prefab home kit could also increase the value of your property.

If you’re looking for a prefab home kits contractor in Alberta, Saskatchewan, reach out to Your Backyard Builder.

Our Products: Prefab Storage Shed | Prefab Garden Shed | Prefab Gazebo | Prefab Outdoor Entertainment Center | Prefab Cabins | Prefab Full Size Cottage | Prefab Garage

We serve clients across Lloydminster, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Wainwright, Vermilion, Alberta, Maidstone, Turtleford, and North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

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Your Backyard Builder has answers to your space requirements, whether it be storage or garden shed, a gazebo, outdoor entertainment center, full-size cottage or a garage. Innovative designs, quality engineering, premium wood make these buildings a great choice. 

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