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How Your Backyard Builder Helped A Client With A Small Budget Set Up A Log Home

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As a leading supplier of prefab home kits in Alberta, Saskatchewan, we offer our clients a broad selection of buildings to fulfill their specific needs or a customized design that is consistent in quality. Whether clients are looking for a mini log home/cabin, a full-size cottage, a decorative garden, a gazebo, an outdoor entertainment centre, or a garage, we can meet all their individual requirements; even if there are financial restrictions or unforeseen challenges.

Recently, we were approached by a client who wanted a log house/cabin with a small budget; they had a condo mortgage and credit debt. Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions and debt, the client did not look into additional costs like foundation, labour, and power/sewer. They also did not shop around for the most affordable option or get quotes from different trades.

Furthermore, the client had a timeline and move-in date scheduled, so the construction process needed to begin as soon as possible. However, in this field of business, there are usually unexpected delays caused by hook-up wires, weather, and shipping. Also, an important aspect of building a log home is that you need to obtain insurance before initiating the build.

After thinking about the situation, we made a list and broke down all the costs involved, including foundation, roof, labour, travel, etc. We came up with a payment plan that fit our client’s budget perfectly. We even recommended reasonable trade options. Our biggest challenge was working with the client to provide them with a flexible payment plan. Working with time/weather constraints and staff scheduling was also no easy feat. Nevertheless, we were able to help the client resolve issues within two weeks. We believe communicating clearly and honestly with the client at all times was the key to our success.

The Bottom Line

As a DIY prefab log home/cabin and structure kit supplier in Saskatchewan and Alberta, at Your Backyard Builder, we take pride in offering premium wood building kits that are affordable, energy-efficient, and simple to assemble. Clients can either choose to build it themselves or hire one of our crew members to construct it for them. We offer FREE delivery within 50km of Lloydminster.

With the partnership of EZ Log Structures, our product line has been in the market for the last five years. During this time, our business has experienced tremendous growth as more people have become aware of our unique design, quality engineering, and premium wood.

To view our product catalog, please click here. To read what our clients are saying about us, please click here. To book our prefab log home or cabin kit, contact us by clicking here.

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